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At Arches Accommodation Supports, our foundation is built upon a tapestry woven within The Arches Practice Framework, The Acted Principles and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. We don’t just work; we thrive in a culture where accountability and support reign supreme, nurturing a team that’s not just engaged but empowered. With streamlined processes and a relentless adherence to child-safe regulations, we’re not just in the business of support; we’re pioneering the future of care.

Crafting Opportunities, Embracing Responsibilities

Step into the realm of possibilities awaiting you as a Residential Youth Worker at Arches Accommodation Supports. This role isn’t just a job; it’s a calling, a chance to sculpt a brighter future for our young souls. Here’s what makes this role so dynamic:

Flexibility and Immersion

Embrace the fluidity of time, where every moment holds the potential to make an impactful difference. Whether it’s a quiet weekday evening or a lively weekend night, your dedication transcends schedules to meet the unique needs of those we care for.

Dive into Residential Care

Become an anchor in the world of residential care settings, where your presence becomes a guiding light for the young hearts seeking support and guidance.

Diverse Engagements

Your journey will intertwine with a tapestry of clients – from parents and young individuals to foster carers, government bodies, and NGOs. Each interaction, a chapter in the story of transformation.

Collaboration and Initiative

You won’t tread this path alone. Supported by a nurturing supervisor and a collaborative team, your initiatives pave the way to achieving case goals, illuminating pathways of hope for our young charges.

Proactive Engagement and Reporting

Professionalism resonates in your every action. Collaborating seamlessly with other services and meticulously handling reporting duties, you ensure efficiency meets effectiveness in catering to our clients’ needs.

Building Networks and Teaching

Your role transcends mere support; it’s about establishing connections and imparting invaluable life skills. You’ll be a mentor, a role model, an educator – shaping futures, one lesson at a time.

Lifelong Learning and Versatile Contribution

The journey of growth never ends. We believe in your evolution, offering continuous training to keep you abreast of the latest practices. Your responsibilities transcend the defined; they’re as dynamic as the needs we strive to fulfil.

Qualifications that Shape Transformation

Your journey with us isn’t just about the qualifications you hold; it’s about the dedication you embody:

Join Our Journey of Transformation

At Arches Accommodation Supports, we invite you to join our dynamic team, where passion, skill, and heart converge to create tangible impacts. Be it in casual or permanent positions, your presence matters in shaping lives.

If you’re ready to embrace this transformative journey, to be a beacon of support and change, we welcome you with open arms. Join us in creating a future where every young soul finds their light.