Arches Accommodation Supports

Delivering Safe, Supportive Solutions for Families and Young People in South East Queensland.
What We're Passionate About

Therapeutic Approach to Living Arrangements

We are a service provider who offer a range of options to sustain family, kin, foster and other supported living arrangements.

ARCHES Practice Framework

The ARCHES Practice Framework is designed to support positive behaviour responses. It is tailored to meet each individual clients needs.

The A.C.T.E.D. Principles

These Principles are how we hold ourselves accountable to ensure the ARCHES Practice Framework is being delivered to every client.

Free Online Resources

We discuss topics that are specific to Young People, Carers' and Families, and other Agencies. These are designed to help and inform!

Our Vision

Providing therapeutic accommodation options to increase Family, Kin, Foster, and Residential Care Stability

We continue to develop and expand the ARCHES Practice Framework, Services, and Training through consultation with Child Safety, Community Organisations and Stakeholders. This ensures that we are sustaining Family, Kin, Foster and other supported living arrangements as the central focal point of each decision we make along the way.

Our Services

Our Three Different Services for Young People

Intensive Therapeutic Crisis Accommodation

This is available for Young People who require expert residential care and where other models aren’t able to meet their needs.

Intensive Shared Care Intervention

Designed to help Carers (Foster and Kin), Residential Placements, and Families who are considering relinquishing care of a Young Person due to challenges.

Planned Therapeutic Respite

This is proactive in application and includes the development of carer resilience and reduction of carer burnout, fatigue, and turnover.

Our Service Delivery Approach

Our Service Delivery Approach is designed to assist Carers, Young People, Stakeholders and Families through the implementation of the Arches Practice Framework, underpinned by Therapeutic Relationships, Trauma Informed Practices, Realistic Case Planning and an overall Collaborative Approach.

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We help Young People, Carers, Families, and other Agencies.